Nuisance Trapping

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Why has nuisance trapping become a full time job and profitable business for many people?  As the world economy grows and the "urban sprawl" continues many animals are calling your house their new home.

Due to urban growth and the removal of habitat, many animals which once lived in the forest are now living in attics, barns and other man made structures.

While most animals will move to where their natural habitat exists, some animals do not and they actually thrive in an urban setting. 

For animals like the raccoon or opossum a man made structure provides a great place to live and the local dumpster has an endless supply of delicious food.

These animals become a problem when they start chewing wires, destroying shingles, ripping holes in soffits and potentially spreading unwanted disease. 

Remove Them Yourself

Calling a nuisance trapping professional can be expensive.  Plus, you have to live with the unwanted animal or pest until the professional arrives for your scheduled appointment.

There's nothing more frustrating than discovering you have a problem with an unwanted animal and then being informed you have to live with it for a week before a professional can arrive.  If you're like me, once it starts to invade your home you wanted gone immediately!  

What if you had the tools and knowledge to remove the unwanted pest yourself?  Good news!  You can.....and it's not that hard.

For many people, the thought of killing an animal is unacceptable.  Did you know that many pests and unwanted animals can be successfully trapped an relocated without harm?

That's right, many animals that are trapped are simply relocated to another area where they can thrive without interfering with our daily lives.  Some states have strict rules about relocating certain animals. Always make sure to check your local regulations before choosing to relocate anything.

Look at the list below to see do it yourself techniques for trapping a variety of unwanted pests and nuisance animals.  Clicking on the link will give you detailed instructions to remove them yourself saving you time and money.

Trapping Armadillos

Trapping Chipmunks

Trapping Feral Cats

Trapping Groundhogs 

Trapping Opossum

Trapping Pigeons

Trapping Pocket Gophers

Trapping Porcupines

Trapping Squirrels

Trapping Skunks

Trapping Wild Hogs

Homemade Chipmunk Trap

Depending on the nuisance animal, sometimes you can build an effective homemade trap by simply using a few common household supplies. These homemade traps often outperform expensive professional traps purchased from the store.  

For example, our Homemade Chipmunk Trap is a great way to remove unwanted chipmunks and mice from around your home.

Or if you're looking for a great way to humanely remove squirrels from your home, attic or shed, this article will teach you how to Get Rid Of Squirrels using non-lethal traps.

Overall - Nuisance Trapping

If you're experiencing problems with a nuisance pest or animal try removing them yourself.

With some basic knowledge and a few simple tools you'll have everything you need to get rid of that annoying pest and best of's easy!

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