Rabbit Meat

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Rabbit meat is an excellent choice if you're conscious about your health and don't want to consume a lot of fat or high amounts of cholesterol. 

Why rabbit?  

The meat obtained from a rabbit contains the highest value of protein per calorie of meat.  

That's right, more protein than chicken, beef and veil.

Plus, the meat has very little fat and low amounts of cholesterol making it a very healthy food choice.

Rabbits are also one of the easiest types of farm animal to raise for meat production. 

They are small, easy to handle, are prolific breeders, don't make any noise and convert feed to meat really well.  

Concerned about the environment?  

Rabbits leave a small environmental footprint and they are a great source of organic fertilizer.

If you incorporate all of these factors plus the fact that rabbit meat is very flavorful and tastes great, rabbits are a great choice for anyone looking to raise their own source of backyard meat.

Rabbit Meat Breeds

If you're considering raising rabbits for meat, choosing the proper breed is important.  

Rabbits have been around for a long time.  

In fact, all breeds of domestic rabbits are decedents from the European wild rabbit.  

As early as the 16th century, French Catholic monks domesticated the animal and used them as a source of food due to their secluded lifestyle.  

In the early 20th century rabbits were introduced to the United States and quickly became an important animal valued for their food and their fur.  

So what breeds of rabbits are popular today?  

Here's a list of a few popular meat rabbit breads that a commonly raised due to their large body size and small bones giving them a good meat ratio:

New Zealand - The New Zealand rabbit is the #1 choice for meat rabbits. The bread is extremely popular due to their fine bones and ability to convert feed to meat.  These large, white bodied rabbits are known for having great mothering skills and producing large litters.  On average a doe (female) weighs around 12 pounds and a buck (male) weighs around 10 pounds.

Californian - Californian rabbits weigh about 8-10 pounds and are bread specifically for meat and fur production.  They are large bodied with fine bones and are great breeders.

Florida White - Possibly the #1 choice for backyard breeders due to their small bones and body size resulting in a high percentage of eatable meat per animal.  These medium sized rabbits weigh around 5 pounds and dress out better than any other breed.

Champagne D'Argent - Another excellent choice for rabbit meat this medium weight rabbit is known for its large hindquarters and fine bones.

Satin - Popular as both a meat breed and as a show rabbit, the Satin weighs about 9-10 pounds and are known for their fur which has a unique sheen.


Raising rabbits is not only a great way to acquire a lean source of high quality meat, but it's also a great way to experience what it's like raising your own food source.

This hands on approach to food not only gives you a delicious meal, but it also teaches both kids and adults where and how your food is raised.