Rabbit Starvation

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Rabbit starvation occurs when you consume an excessive amount of lean meat, like rabbit.  

In fact, rabbits are one of the leanest types of meat available and a diet consisting strictly of rabbit can be deadly.

Also known as protein poising, it occurs when your body is unable to metabolize large amounts of protein.

Basically, the human liver can only metabolize about 300 grams of protein per day (depending on your body size this could be slightly more or less).  

Your liver can only remove a limited amount of urea from your bloodstream.  

Eating more protein than your body can safely metabolize results in an unsafe level or ammonia and/or urea in your bloodstream which can potentially become fatal.

Does this mean rabbits are bad for you or you shouldn't eat them?  

No, it simply means you shouldn't consume a consistent diet of lean meat like rabbit without incorporating other fatty foods, fruits and vegetables.  

Negative Effects On Your Body

Symptoms include headache, diarrhea, low blood pressure and low heart rate and fatigue.

You also feel discomfort and you have hunger that can only be satisfied by consuming fats or carbohydrates.  

Without the consumption of these fats or carbohydrates you can eat copious amounts of lean meat and still feel unsatisfied, kind of like a food craving.

Keep in mind that these negative effects are caused by eating a consistent diet of lean meat without any additional fats or carbohydrates.  

In todays society, a balanced diet is readily available and we're not limited to only consuming rabbits.

Rabbit Starvation - How Long Can You Survive On Rabbit Meat?

If you only consumed rabbit meat, the average person will begin suffering from nutrient deficiencies in about 4-6 weeks.

After approximately 10-12 weeks of only eating rabbit meat, you body would have reached the limit of what it can consume of itself and you would die.

On average, we need about 60 grams of fat per day to stay healthy.

Items like mayonnaise, peanut butter, cheese, eggs milk, whole grains and rice can all provide the necessary fats and calories we need to live a healthy lifestyle.

When only consuming rabbit, you could eat until your stomach became distended, only to still feel hungry.

Then, you would begin to develop a headache and diarrhea with vague discomfort. 

Overall - Rabbit Starvation

A healthy body relies on a well balanced diet from various food sources.

Just like many other things we consume, moderation and balance is the key.

There's nothing wrong with preparing a well balanced meal that contains rabbit.

You just need to incorporate a few other fruits and vegetables with your dinner and you'll have an excellent tasting, healthy meal that everyone is sure to enjoy.