Garlic For Dogs Fleas

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The theory of using garlic for dogs fleas is a topic that has many opinions.

In fact, a quick search on the internet will probably leave you more confused than you were in the beginning because there's so many different opinions....or misleading articles.

While many believe feeding natural garlic cloves, or even brewer's yeast to your pet will help get rid of fleas and prevent mosquito bites, there's no proven evidence this home remedy actually works.

There's no disputing garlic has many properties that are good for humans.  

Consuming raw garlic on a daily basis has been known to lower cholesterol levels, strengthen immune systems and even reduce certain kinds of cancer.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean raw garlic is the right choice to fight off an unwanted flea infestation inside your home.

If you're considering garlic as a viable flea fighting regimen, it's safe to say you're looking for a natural that doesn't use chemicals or medications.

However, the best advice you can receive is from your local veterinarian.

Modern flea control products such as Advantix II or Frontline Flea & Tick Control are both very safe, affordable and effective for getting rid of fleas and ticks.

Garlic For Dogs Fleas - Other Natural Options

If you're committed to a natural remedy and have no desire to use modern flea control products, I would avoid using garlic for dogs fleas and use alternative products like flea combs, vacuuming, and washing your pets bedding.

Getting rid of fleas naturally is a lot of work.  

You have to be persistent, thorough and even your best efforts may take weeks to win the battle against fleas. 

SAFARI Flea Comb For Dogs

A simple flea comb is a great tool for removing adult fleas on your dog.

The fine toothed comb grabs adult fleas and you can simply knock them off into a bowl of warm soapy water to drown them.  

However, just because you've removed the adult fleas doesn't mean you've cured your problem.  

Fleas has multiple different stages of development, and the eggs or larva can continue develop, leaving a constant cycle of fleas.

Washing your pets bedding is also a great way to kill adult fleas, eggs and larva.  

Since your pet spends a lot of time on its bedding, this is often a hot spot for fleas.  

Wash the bedding everyday for best results.

Vacuuming is another great way to naturally get rid of fleas inside your home.  

Pay special attention to areas your pet frequents the most, like near its bed  and other common areas your dog likes to lay.  

Also, don't forget about the cracks and corners.  

Your vacuum attachments work great in these hard to reach areas.

Getting Rid Of Dog Fleas - Overall

No matter which remedy you choose, getting rid of a flea infestation naturally takes persistence, time and a lot of work....with no guarantee it's going to get rid of every flea inside your home. 

Frontline Plus for Dogs, Medium Dog Flea and Tick Treatment

I recommend staying away from using garlic for dogs fleas.

Instead, talk to your veterinarian about other safe and effective flea control products like Advantix II or Frontline Flea & Tick Control. 

These products are tested, safe and much more reliable than garlic cloves, which could possibly cause more harm than good.