Carpet Fleas

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Carpet fleas are not very pleasant and in certain situations they can be pretty difficult to get rid of.

However, if you happen to end up with fleas living inside your home there are some easy steps you can take to combat the issue and reclaim your sanity.

There are a lot of good products on the market to help you on the way, along with frequent vacuuming which is often the best way to get rid of fleas.  

It does take a little bit of “elbow grease” when you are fighting pests inside your home, no matter what kind they may be.  

So be persistent until the fleas are completely gone.

Fleas are actually a very common problem, and more so if you have pets which frequent the outdoors.

Many do not realize that rodents, such as mice and rats, can also carry fleas to your carpet.

To learn more about getting rid of these bothersome pests, let's look at some proven techniques that are great at removing fleas from your carpet.

Getting Rid Of Carpet Fleas

Start by throughly vacuuming your carpet several times a day.  

Take time to move furniture and vacuum under large items like couches and chairs where fleas are known to hide.  

Also, use vacuum attachments to vacuum along baseboards and corners to cover all areas of your home.

The really good thing about frequent vacuuming, when combating fleas in your carpet, is it removes the food source for fleas plus a lot of the larvae, and the actual fleas themselves.

Next, make sure your pets have protection through a flea collar or some other type of flea repellant, so you don't seem to be fighting an endless battle with them carrying fleas into your house.

Some good products on the market might include the kind that draws fleas using a light or heat.

They jump towards the light (heat source) and stick to a surface similar to fly paper. Innovations have developed flea traps that are not a threat to pets or children.

Sticky flea traps have a hood type covering where the fleas can get in, but the sticky stuff doesn't come in contact with humans.

When you catch a bunch of fleas.......hopefully all of them, you just throw the paper away.

Most of the flea traps on the market are refillable and come with a couple of refills included in the initial purchase.

One of the flea traps you might want to check out is the Aspectek Sticky Dome Flea Trap.

The trap in non poisonous and can attract fleas from up to 50 feet in any direction. 

Aspectek Sticky Dome Flea Trap - 2 Pack

In combination with a flea trap, you will want to use a flea powder made especially for your carpeting, or even better yet, try Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade.

It is made by the same company that makes Harris Famous Roach Tablets.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is made from Fossil Shell Powder and you can buy it in fairly good sized bags for a large coverage area, such as a 5 pound size.

The price is good, and you can use it practically anywhere, including your carpet.

It is really safe.

The reviews are positive when used for fleas and many users reported,  “they did not see fleas anymore” after using it.

Follow directions on the packaging for best results.

Other Products For Carpet Fleas

We discussed the advantages of vacuuming, Diatomaceous Earth and flea traps, but what are some other good products for getting rid of carpet fleas?

Let's look at a few. 

Natural Care Flea and Tick Carpet Powder

The pricing is really affordable on this all natural powder to rid of fleas and ticks in your carpeting.

It kills fleas and their eggs on contact, along with any ticks you might have.

Natural Care Flea and Tick Carpet Powder, 9 oz

It also gets rid of ants, so you don't have to worry if a stray piece of food gets dropped on the floor and attracts a line of ants.

Ants won't even be able to get across your carpet. 

The main ingredients in Natural Care Flea and Tick Carpet Powder are non-staining and made from plant extracts such as geraniol and mint oils.

Dr. Killigan's Insect Buster/Duster Bulb

This is not really a product that kills fleas outright, but is a method and product to help distribute flea control products such as Diatomaceous Earth.

This duster bulb falls under the category of an “Insecticide Applicator,” but in your case, poison will never touch it. 

That is, if you choose to use non-toxic and all natural products in your fight against carpet fleas.

It is very easy to use and reaches in hard to get spaces such as corners and crevices.

Getting Rid Of Carpet Fleas - Overall

Many like to stay as natural as possible when trying to get rid of fleas.

There are good products in this “day-and age” for doing just that.

Why use and worry about the effects of poisonous products when you have a choice of using something more natural.

Vacuuming several times a day is probably the best defense in addition to the natural flea products that you can use to get rid of fleas.

Once the fleas are gone, continue to use preventative measures such as flea powder on your carpets. You will not need to vacuum several times a day once the fleas are gone, but extra vacuuming won't hurt anything.

Try to cover every avenue that fleas have for entering your home.

Pets are often the hosts.

Make sure their bedding is clean and well maintained.

Keep a non toxic flea powder sprinkled under upholstery seats, on pet bedding, and carpets.

Using a natural flea trap along with frequent vacuuming (as mentioned earlier) is the best way to get rid of carpet fleas on a permanent basis.