Dog Proof Raccoon Set

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The dog proof raccoon set is a great way to trap raccoons on dry land with a reduced possibility of catching a domestic or non-targeted animal.

Since the traps are designed to fire only after the raccoon reaches into the trap and pulls on the trigger, it makes them a great choice when you're trapping in an area where a dog or cat might have access to the trap.

Foothold traps work great on dry land for trapping a variety of different furbearers but lets face it, no one wants to accidentally trap a non-targeted animal.

Sure, you can take preventative steps which deter non-targeted animals but the possibility of an accidental catch is always possible.  

Although they cost about 2-3 times more than a traditional foothold trap, the Duke dog proof traps or "DP traps" are well worth the extra money.

Plus, if you're trapping private land, the land owner may require you to use this style of trap.

They're versatile, easy to set, easy to carry and they work great for trapping raccoons!

Making A Dog Proof Raccoon Set

Overall, no matter what style of trap you choose to use, a raccoon is one of the easiest furbearers to trap.

Since they are attracted to a lot of different baits and are naturally curious, you don't have to make the "perfect set" to trap one.

Look for an area that has raccoon sign.  

Look for tracks in the soft mud, scat on a log or rock, or trails that are leading from a food source.  

If you find several different trails, consider making your set where the trails intersect each other which gives you a better chance of attracting multiple raccoons.

Don't spend all day looking for the perfect spot to set your trap.  

If you're in an area where raccoons are nearby, just make the set using a good bait and lure and the raccoons will do the rest.

Duke DP Raccoon Trap

Dog proof raccoon traps are a cylinder shaped trap that imitate a hole in the ground.

Since raccoons love to investigate holes, it appeals to their natural curious instincts.  

Although some styles of dog proof traps can be triggered by pushing or pulling on the trigger, Duke DP traps only fire when the trigger is pulled.

This feature helps deter non-targeted animals while still appealing to a raccoons desire to grab and pull food from a hole.

Setting the trap is easy.  

You can use a setting tool to compress the spring or you can just squeeze the trap and set the trigger.  

A marshmallow works great for bait.  

Cats and other animals are usually not attracted to marshmallows and raccoons love them.  

Shove the marshmallow into the back of the trap before setting the trigger.  

You can also use some lure or attractant at the set location once it's completed.

When the raccoon reaches into the trap and tries to pull out the marshmallow it will activate the trigger, capturing the raccoon's hand in the trap.  

Duke dog proof traps have a metal stake attached to the back of the trap that allows you to just push the stake into the ground to make the set.

You don't need to dig a hole are construct an elaborate set......just push it in the ground.

Once the trap is set, use a stake to secure the chain into the ground or use cable to secure it to a nearby tree and you're done!

Overall - Dog Proof Raccoon Set

Although they cost a little bit more money than a conventional foothold trap, the Duke dog proof traps are a great way to trap raccoons on dry land while reducing the possibility of catching a non-targeted animal.

You can construct a dog proof raccoon set in a matter of minutes, they're easy to carry and they work great for trapping raccoons!