Raccoon PVC Pipe Set

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The raccoon PVC pipe set is a productive set that's quick and easy to create.

Although it requires added materials, like the PVC pipe, it allows you to set a trap in the middle of a shallow stream or areas where other sets would be difficult to make.

There's a lot of different sets that work great for trapping raccoons.  

After all, raccoons are pretty easy to catch, especially if you've scouted the area and know raccoons are around.

With this in mind, many trappers feel it's unnecessary to carry PVC pipe into the woods to construct a set.  

However, PVC is so versatile it works great for setting locations that you didn't think were possible, and you can do it quickly!

There are two popular ways to incorporate PVC into your trapline.  

Both of these sets are deadly on raccoons, mink and even muskrats.

Raccoon PVC Pipe Set - Construction

Since raccoons are curious animals, the PVC pipe not only provides an easy spot to place your bait, but the pipe itself serves as an attractant.

A raccoon just can't resist exploring a pipe sticking out of the ground that smells like a delicious meal.

To begin take a piece of 1''-2'' white PVC pipe and cut it 12''-18'' in length.

Cut one end at a 45 degree angle so it's easier to shove into the ground.

You can make several pieces that are variable lengths to incorporate hard and soft ground.

The diameter of the pipe doesn't really matter.  

I like to keep them in the range of 1''-2'' because it makes them easier to carry and they're still affordable.

Scrap PVC works great too. 

Drill a small hole near the lower section of the pipe to allow you to wire the pipe to something when you make the set.  

If you're trapping in moving water, a trapped raccoon will usually knock the pipe over and you'll loose the pipe downstream if you don't tie it off.

Raccoon PVC Pipe Set - Option #1

The first raccoon PVC pipe set works great at water locations where the stream is shallow and there's no steep banks nearby to make a pocket set.

To begin, pound the PVC pipe into the steam bed about 2-3 feet from the shoreline.

Angle the pipe slightly towards the shoreline when you pound it in so the top of the pipe points towards the shore.

Once the pipe is securely in the ground, shove some grass, leaves or sticks into the  pipe to create a platform to rest your bait on.  

This prevents your bait from falling all the way to the bottom of the pipe. 

Next, place your bait on top of the grass you just shoved into the pipe.

Now, take another small handful of grass and shove it into the end of the pipe, allowing the grass ends to stick out a little bit.  

Covering the bait with a little bit of grass will help prevent birds from messing with your set.  

Squirt some lure on the grass which will hold the scent.

Finally, set a foothold trap (I like using a #1.5 coil spring) about 2-4 inches out from the end of the pipe.  

As long as there's about an inch of water over the trap a raccoon won't be bothered by it.  

Securely fasten the trap to a stake or drowning wire and you're done!

Raccoon PVC Pipe Set - Option #2

The second option uses the same pipe but instead of sticking it vertical in a shallow stream, you stick it horizontally into the river bank, similar to creating a pocket set.

To begin, pound the PVC pipe into the bank of the river or stream on a 45 degree angle.

If the bank is really steep you can pound it in almost horizontally to the ground.

Fill part of the pipe with grass to plug the open space inside the pipe (like option #1) then place your bait inside the pipe.  

Top it off with some grass and lure and place a foothold trap about 2-4 inches in front of the end of the pipe, or you can offset it slightly.  

Make sure the trap is slightly underwater.

Secure your trap and you're done!


The raccoon PVC pipe set is another great way to trap raccoons, mink and the occasional muskrat.

Although you have to prepare your pipe ahead of time, the pipes are reusable and you can construct a deadly set in just a few minutes.