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BMI Traps

BMI traps have been around since 1980 and they're produced by a company called Butera Manufacturing Industries.

The traps are constructed in the USA and the company prides themselves on offering a quality American made product at an affordable price.

So.....with so many different trap manufactures on the market today how do you choose the best one?

The question "Who makes the best trap?" is definitely controversial and not everyone will have the same opinion.  

Sometimes the best trap is simply whatever you can afford.  

In the end it really just comes down to personal preference.

Don't forget....it's not just about choosing a certain brand of trap. Becoming a successful trapper begins with proper scouting and creating good sets. 

BMI Traps - Should You Use Them?

A lot of people (including myself) have used traps made by BMI for years and have had great results.  In fact, many people have traps that are 10, 15 or 20 years old and they still function just fine.

As long as the traps have been maintained and not left outside to rust and deteriorate, a steel trap should last for quite a while.  So if you're looking for a few extra traps don't forget to look at garage sales and flea markets......you might just find a really good deal.

The company is probably best known for their conibear or body grip trap. Most people would agree the 110 magnum is the best 110 sized trap available on the market today.

The company makes several different "magnum" style conibears.  The Magnum Series have a bend in the jaw which creates a tighter grip because it applies constant pressure on the jaws.  It's not a larger trap....just a more powerful trap due to it's design.

For those interested in coyote or fox, the BMI K9 Wolfers are a real nice trap.  They work great and they don't require a lot of out of the box modifications.

The traps are also competitively priced.  The company offers a nice quality trap for a price most people can afford.


If you're looking to purchase some new traps or you're in the market for some used one's I would definitely consider BMI.

With a long track record of happy customers and quality products, a few Magnum Series traps, conibears or even a handful of K9 Wolfers made by BMI would make a great addition to any trap collection.

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