Advertise With offers unique, well-priced, custom designed and targeted advertising options that allow you to reach customers who arrive at our website looking for traps, trapping supplies, pest control products and various equipment used to repel or deter nuisance animals.

We offer business owners, through the format of exclusive sponsorships, the opportunity to increase your business opportunities and brand recognition throughout the trapping and pest control industry.

The Unique And Exclusive Advertising Value Of A Sponsorship

Visitors to our website are looking for information, equipment and supplies related to traps, pest control, nuisance animals, fur harvesting and any other topic associated with trapping.

While many "off-line" advertising options exist such as newspaper, magazine or television commercials, many of these advertisements are considered intrusive because they are viewed during a time when the customer is not even considering pest control or trapping.

On the web your advertisement reaches thousands of daily visitors who are a highly targeted audience specifically looking for information or products related to trapping, pest control, nuisance animals or other similar topics.

Why Advertise With is a niche based website dedicated to teaching our visitors everything we can about trapping and all of its related topics. Thousands of people arrive at our site looking for specific trapping equipment or information related to pest control or furbearers.

The site "patiently" waits, all day and all night, ready to reach your future customer.  With over 150 pages of content, and several of those articles ranked in the top 10 of Googles search listings, our website and your advertisement will be found by those searching for a specific product or solution. Reaches Your Customers When They Are Looking To Buy! reaches customers when they are researching trapping and looking to buy trapping related equipment.  

These are exactly the visitors you want!  And you may reach them exclusively, giving you a strong edge over your competition.

For example, here is the traffic ranking from, according to 

Compare it to any similar site using our traffic statistics. 

Sponsorship Opportunities And Rates is accepting a limited number of partnerships in a variety of different categories (example: traps, repellents, pest control, ect.)  You must truly have an excellent product or service. will not work with a company whose product or service will give our visitors a sub-par experience.

Your ad will be placed in the highly visible upper right hand, 2nd column area of our website.  The ad will be displayed on every page view and will randomly rotate with other sponsors giving each sponsor equal opportunity at the top of the page.  

We currently have the following advertisement options available:

200 x 200 Advertisement Block - $35 per month

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