How To Kill Ants Naturally

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You're probably asking yourself the to kill ants naturally because while it’s necessary to get rid of these pests, it’s equally important to do it safely and not introduce more risk into the infested area.

Who could have believed that creatures as little as ants could cause such a great deal of harm?

They are almost invisible, yet they come in large numbers and can be quite cooperative.

One kind of ant which are carpenter ants, are highly destructive.

Fire ants, on the other hand aren’t that destructive, however, their bites are nothing short of pure torment.

There is no uncertainty about it…...ants are an issue. 

This is the reason a lot of people expend time, effort and money in the hope of discovering how to get rid of them using natural methods.

Luckily, ants are probably the simplest pest to kill without the utilization of chemicals.

All you need to understand is how they work.

When you know how ants work, you can better comprehend the manners by which you can dispose of them naturally. 

Understanding Ants and Ant Trails

Ants will follow each other in a trail, utilizing the fragrance of pheromones to achieve this.

You can follow the ant trail to discover what they are accustomed to and where they are going.

Worker ants especially are “trail blazers” and are the ones most frequently seen.

These laborers will take food back to the colony.

Ants source for food and transport them back to be stored and consumed later by the colony.

Surprisingly, worker ants and queen ants don’t consume the food they scavenge for directly; they can only eat a liquid by-product, a product by ant larvae after being fed.

The most common ant killing method remains the can spray pesticide, while this is instant and somewhat effective, they are not natural and most importantly, they only do just enough to last a few days.

In a day or two, the ants will be back following another trail.

This begs the questions are natural methods that effective, and how then do you go about killing these creepy-crawlies naturally? 

It is always great to attempt a few unique things when trying to dispose of these pests.

No one is safe, as ants can attack even the cleanest homes.

That’s why it’s important not to take these creatures for granted.

How To Kill Ants Naturally - Start At The Source

If there is a fire in your home, where do you quench it?

At its source.

This is equivalent to ants when considering how to kill ants naturally.

You can give it your best shot to kill these pests, however until you discover the source they will keep returning.

The next time you see a trail of ants in your home, it’s advisable not to blow a gasket and kill them immediately.

Stop and see where they are coming from.

To do this, you can follow them back to their anthill.

Additionally, please make a note of where they are going in your home.

There might be little hints of food you don’t know about. 

Effective Ant Killing Tips - How To Kill Ants Naturally

  • Keep your home clean. Ensure your counters and oven are wiped down following each supper. Try not to leave dishes in the sink overnight. 
  • Put your crackers, grains, sugar, and pasta in a zip lock bag or fixed holder.
  • During the day, if you can see the daylight coming in from under your door, there’s every possibility that ants (and other unwanted pests) can get in. Find a way to seal this opening.
  • Put your pet’s food dish in a container with water. Ants won’t pass through the water to access your pet’s food dish.

However, if you have made these strides and still have an ant issue, understand that the fault may not be yours entirely, and you may need extra input.

Following the means underneath can further help to eliminate your ant issue:

  • Pipe Tobacco - Soak tobacco in warm water for a lengthy period (preferably overnight). Toward the beginning of the day, discard the saturated tobacco and pour the tobacco water over the ant slope

  • Find the anthill(s). Decimate it by utilizing hot water with a teaspoon of salt. The Boiling water will fill the passages in the ant slope, and the salt will disorientate the ants
  • Sprinkle cornmeal on the ant slope. The worker ants will directly transport it to the queen; consuming the cornmeal is harmful to ants and will kill them in no time.
  • Pour 1 liter of club soft drink on every anthill you see. This will choke out the entire settlement, including the queen. In around two days, they will all disappear.

How To Kill Ants Naturally Using A Homemade Ant Trap

How kill ants naturally using borax and sugar water!

This blend draws the ants in with the sugar water.  

They eat this and take the rest back to their colony for storage, which in turn will wipe out the rest of the colony.

Do take note of the right measurement.  

If you make it excessively strong, it will kill the ants on contact.

If you make it too light, it won't work.

Borax 20 Mule Team Detergent Booster, 65 Oz

The best-tried proportion is as per the following:

Mix 1 cup water, 2 cups sugar, and two tablespoons borax.

You can make a bigger sum than this, yet keep the measurement equivalent. 

Spread this blend where you have seen the ants gliding around.

It can either be put on the spot directly or place this blend in an opened container and lay it on its side.

Even though this blend isn’t as harmful as normal pesticides, ensure your pets or youngsters far off.

After you put the borax blend down, you will see them gathering around eating it.  

It might take 24 to 48 hours for them to clear. 

While the feast might appear as though something out of a blood and gore flick, fight the temptation to kill them.

If they return a couple of days, you might want to place some more borax in with the mix (however, ensure it doesn’t kill them on contact). 

How To Kill Ants Naturally - Overall

If you have a ton of ants in your home and need to know how to kill ants naturally, you might want to attempt a mix of these techniques.

It might take a few weeks, or even up to a month to see any improvement.

However, be tolerant, and don’t shall overcome!